Cake flavours


Lush and Fudgey

Persian love (spiced & salted caramel mud)

Classic chocolate mud

White chocolate mud

Raspberry, white chocolate & rosewater

Queen of Sheba (chocolate, almond, coffee, brandy & date torte) (gluten free)

Citrusy Burst

Lime & coconut 

Lemon & Earl Grey chiffon

Lemon polenta (gluten free)

​Flourless Middle Eastern orange (gluten & dairy free)

Moist Buttermilk

Chocolate buttermilk

Red velvet

Fresh vanilla bean


Nuts and Spices

Hawaiian carrot (with coconut, pistachios, macadamias, glace ginger, fresh pineapple & spices)

Pistachio, coconut & rosewater (gluten free)

Coconut & almond (gluten free)

We offer a selection of four flavours in our wedding 'tasters'.

Please contact us for more information.